Additional Services

Though we primarily work with realtors and lenders, we also lend our local expertise to homebuilders and work directly with homebuyers.


Legend Title Company works directly with consumers to ensure they know the value of title insurance. As the largest investment an individual is likely to make in their lifetime, a home deserves every kind of insurance available—including title insurance. So, what is title insurance?

Despite all the work it takes to get to closing, a purchase can be completely undone if the title to a home isn’t free and clear. Without a title search, there’s no way to know that the person selling the property has a legitimate right to make the sale. When a title search uncovers no previous liens or claims on the property, title insurance will protect you going forward from any claimants.

Though our greatest product is peace of mind, we also save homebuyers money. Together, the title industry saves homebuyers $10 billion in interest costs every year by bringing about timely closings. If you have any questions about title insurance, don’t hesitate to get in contact with Legend Title Company.


The homebuilding industry isn’t what it was ten years ago, and neither is Legend Title Company. We have constantly updated our practices to ensure efficiency and productivity despite new challenges. Rapid closings are the law of the land today. Legend Title Company provides construction title and settlement services, providing a single point of contact for lenders, realtors, homebuilders, and homebuyers to bring about closings on schedule with no hassle. For more information on our efficient ordering and reporting system, contact us today.